Certification for Sustainable
Tourism Program
Hotel Luna Llena Certification for
Sustainable Tourism Program

The Hotel Luna Llena takes part of a project in order
to receive the Sustainability Touristic Certification.

This means that our Hotel try to cohabit with the environment, participating to programs or activity that can improve the quality of life of the local communities.

Our aim is to protect the tourist and the resident safety and the nature itself; through SalveMonos, a non- profit association we try to find a solution to problems created by the urban development.

Inside the Hotel, you can find many containers for rubbish made for recycle. Please do use the ones that you find outside or put the recyclable objects into the rubbish recycle container inside your room.

We would like you to know that from the very first beginning the Hotel has only used biodegradables cleaning products.

We have solar panels to heat up the water of the bungalows and of the rooms, to reduce the electrical current will and to exploit the resources at our disposal.

We kindly ask to our guests to switch off the electric equipment while they are not in their room. This will allow not to produce CO2 emissions with no reason and to keep our planet the healthier as we can.
We use the saving energy light bulbs, we have a mechanism of saving wate in every faucet. Please remember that we do not have to waste water as it is a very valuable good.

If you would like to change your towel, please leave it on the floor of your bathroom o otherwise keep it where it was and we won’t change it.


The Hotel Luna Llena created an association to save monkeys and all animals using trees to survive and move around here in Costa Rica.

We created the association in 2004 together with Patricia Sterman from the Azul Profundo Store (it won the nomination of the most green shop of 2010) due to the incessant deaths of these animals by electrocution, we tried to face the problem and look for a solution.

Among other projects, we also took part of the Reforestation Plan of all public green areas together with the Santa Cruz Municipality.

We kindly ask to our guests to respect all green areas of the Country and to choose only those tours that do not have a strong impact on nature and on the beauty of Costa Rica.

According to this, we decided not to offer to our guests the tour to see the Baulas turtles in Playa Grande. The reason is that 16 years ago there were 1800 of them coming to the beach and now in 2011 there are just 39 turtles.

We would like to suggest to our guests to ask at our reception how to reach Ostional beach, paying the entrance to the national Park of Ostional and assist to an unforgettable event. It is a way of participating to nature without bothering the turtles and help the Costa Rican people that works in this field.

The owners of the Hotel Luna Llena live in Costa Rica since 1995 and their employees are all “Ticos” from here; it is at least 8 years that we work together with the same goal.

Please do not forget to use sun protection.

Thank you very much, we wish you an unforgettable holiday in Costa Rica!!!

The Hotel will give a tee-shirt of the Saving Monkeys Association as a gift, to the guest that proves that we do not match with the sustainability requirements as we have promised.

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